“The tremendous scientific progress raised medicine to new levels of knowledge about diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases, important to the society. New demands for safety, efficacy and quality are targeted in the pursuit of higher quality of life.
Lead Biotherapeutics has the response:
“Less is more”. We developed highly focused intracell drug delivery technologies allowing 20 to 80 and more times reduction of the usual doses of known therapies. We believe that our inventions will help millions of people, including our children, our parents and ourselves.”

Christo Tzachev, PhD,
Founder and CEO of Lead Biotherapeutics Ltd

LESS IS MORE concept. Clinically Proven.

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Up to 20 X reduction in the single dose of known therapies

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Up to 80 X reduction in the daily dose of known therapies

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Controllable duration
(depo-effect) up to 10 days

Lead Biotherapeutics LTD has developed innovative proprietary drug delivery platform providing outstanding therapeutic opportunities:

• Up to 20 times reduction in the usual therapeutic dose.

• Up to 4 times reduction in the number of daily dose (i.e. up to 80 times reduction in the total daily intake).

• Controllable depo-effect lasting between 24h and 10 days.

Our fundamental technology

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Lead Biotherapeutics LTD has developed Revolutionary Solid Lipid Nanoparticle (SLN) system trademarked as CellInject™ Technology for intracellular release of active substances, with highest safety and efficacy with applications in medicine and cosmetics.
CellInject™ is biocompatible biodegradable and safe SLN system with unique composition and mechanism of intracell targeted delivery.

Our applied technology

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I-CAN™ Technology is a unique combination of Cellinject™ Technology with mucoadhesive carrier giving the system prolonged contact when applied to mucus membranes. While Cellinject™ is non-adhesive to body proteins and glycoproteins due to its highly lipophilic structure and it freely travels through the body liquids, the adhesiveness of I-CAN™ guarantees the time for contact needed for complete CellInject™ absorption.
We Identify modern therapy problems
Today many therapies including the treatment of social diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic inflammation etc., are affected by obstacles originating from the used drug itself and the limitations of pharmaceutical forms:

• Low systemic or local bioavailability of the applied drug (e.g. insolubility, ionization, substrate of p-Glycoprotein efflux pump, extensive pre-systemic metabolism, chemical instability).

• Small therapeutic window.

• Fast elimination.

Our Solution:

Targeting the majority of existing and future drugs into cells can lead to a significant (sometimes dramatic) increase in drug action and safety.
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