Investment options

Lead Biotherapeutics LTD has the expertise to develop projects from the idea trough the R&D&I up to the stages of therapeutic efficacy and drug safety (including pre-clinical and clinical phase I and II).

We look for opportunities to develop business with potential partners in the following directions:
• Industrialization of the current projects. We have developed two products with our I-CAN™ Technology for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. We have finished the “proof of concept” tests for toxicity, safety and efficacy. We show therapeutic efficiency with 20x reduced the single dose. We have the expertise to advise in the process of characterization, technology transfer and build up ot the drug candidate Dossier. We have the expertise to go trough the mentioned steps on our own. Finally we are able to provide licensing Dossiers according to the requirements of FDA/EU for two innovative products for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. These are Mometasone 2.5 µg/100µl nasal spray and Mometasone/Xylometazoline 2.5/5.0 µl nasal spray.

• Integration and Development of our nanotechnology with small molecules for both “old” and “new” active substances.

• Integration and development of our nanotechnology with large lipophile molecules.

• We are open for R&D&I projects of completely new and personalized therapies.
Our innovations are pointed towards Unique, Versatile, High Added Value, and Niche Products.

Our focus are the socially significant diseases.